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Your username is a nickname that will identify all of your contributions to a website/ application. It can even be your real name, if you so choose, but you should be aware of the risks envolved. in editing under your real name.

Whatever name you choose, it should be a name that other contributors are comfortable with and which does not interfere with the project. A controversial name may give a bad impression to other users, and avoiding this is in your own interest.

There are four kinds of usernames that are specifically disallowed:

Misleading usernames imply relevant, misleading things about the contributor. The types of names which can be misleading are too numerous to list, but definitely include usernames that imply you are in a position of authority over the website or application. Usernames that impersonate other people, or usernames which can be confusing within the signiture of the website/ application format, such as usernames which resemble IP addresses or timestamps.

Promotional usernames are used to promote a group, company, product or website on the website/ application

Offensive usernames are those that offend other contributors, making harmonious editing difficult or impossible.

Disruptive usernames include outright trolling or personal attacks, include profanities or otherwise show a clear intent to disrupt the website/ application.

If you choose such a username, that account may be blocked– you are welcome to create a new and acceptable username. If you've inadvertently chosen an inappropriate username, you can change it .If your username is considered borderline, you may be asked to change it voluntarily.

Use of a real name allows contributions to be more easily traced to an individual. This may make a contributor more vulnerable to issues such as harassment both on and offthe website/ application. You should consider the benefits and drawbacks of making substantial contributions under your real name before doing so, especially if you plan on editing or discussing potentially controversial subjects in Wikipedia articles or on any of the associated project or talk pages, websites/ applications. While it is possible to rename accounts . a record of the previous name will still exist.

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