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Here's his Wikia username, nathanparsons

If you didn't already realize, his name is Nathan Parsons. He is 14 years old, and a freshman at Bellevue Christian School. He likes it at his school and how fairly laid back it is, but at the same time it expects him to put some hard work into his grades.

Here's Nathan's BCS Web design blog.

Nathan writes for a sports blog called NextSeasonSports , and has enjoyed his experience doing that. It's a fun thing to get stuff such as fan mail, comments on the articles he writes, and stuff like that. Interacting with readers is fun, and makes the writing all the more worth it.

He's a pretty sarcastic guy, but not in a cruel way.

Nathan has 3 brothers and live in the Woodinville area, which causes the commute to school to sometimes be annoying, but he's cool with it.