Hunter A (aka bcswebpagefun ), is the coolest person alive. He attends Bellevue Christian Highschool

Quality Food Centers

and is a Senior there. His 18th birthday is very soon and he is happy about that, Hunter also is attending the dance on March 26th with Jordan Jacobsen and is very excited. His group is going to be very fun. He works at QFC with some of his best friends. Next year Hunter is going to be going to Western Washington University and he is excited to get out of the house. Hunter really wishes that he had a pet turtle, named Oscar.
My nigguh oscar

My dream turtle, Oscar

Even though Hunter doesn't actually have a turle named Oscar he does have a pet cat named Socks, she is almost 12 years old and is sort've boring but thats okay because he is going to leave her with his parents when he goes to college in september.